Covid-19 Information

The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) continues to affect our everyday lives. We know you have questions, worries, and fears about the current situation and its impact in the future. We want to inform you that whatever challenges you are facing, or you may have in the future, we are always here to promote your health and quality of life.

As we adapt to the changes slowly, you can guarantee that we will always continue to support your well-being and safety. We have prepared safety measures to follow, and we are coordinating with local health authorities to monitor and mitigate the spread of the disease. With your cooperation and support, we know we can move on and overcome these trying times together.

Helping you achieve the best version of yourself

Behavioral Health Services aim to provide children and their families the power to live healthier lives concerning their mind, body, and overall health. These services seek to meet the individual needs of children and their families or caregivers and help them make informed decisions about their care, whether provided at home or in the community. Our Behavioral Health Professionals will work with children or the youth using a strength-based approach to determine mental health challenges and other individual needs. This program may include a variety of services such as psychiatric conditions, depression and anxiety management, family counseling, and addiction treatments.

The outcome of the services aims to prevent the need for emergency room visits, hospital stays, or out of home placements and provide healthy community integration.

We offer the following Behavioral Health Services:

Children’s Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)

  • Support children and youth as they work toward goals and achievements
  • Help children and youth be successful at home, in school, and other environments
  • Offer personal, flexible services to meet the health, mental health, substance use treatment or developmental needs of each child and youth

Who can receive Children’s HCBS Services?

  • Children between the ages of 5-21
  • Children who need extra care at home/in the community
  • Children who want to avoid going to the hospital or a long term facility

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) are new behavioral health services covered by NYS Medicaid. CFTSS helps children and youth with mental health and substance use needs. CFTSS works with each child/youth to provide care in a way that works best for them and their families.

We will meet with you to focus on your life’s issues. Together, we will work on a plan to improve your challenges and lead you to positive changes. If you have questions about these services, feel free to contact us.