Covid-19 Information

The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) continues to affect our everyday lives. We know you have questions, worries, and fears about the current situation and its impact in the future. We want to inform you that whatever challenges you are facing, or you may have in the future, we are always here to promote your health and quality of life.

As we adapt to the changes slowly, you can guarantee that we will always continue to support your well-being and safety. We have prepared safety measures to follow, and we are coordinating with local health authorities to monitor and mitigate the spread of the disease. With your cooperation and support, we know we can move on and overcome these trying times together.

Taking Care of You, While Taking Care of Others

The term “essential worker” was not created during Covid-19. It’s a term that describes those who are needed to do their job no matter the state of the world. What happens when doing your job can turn into risking your life? The best thing is to not panic. Even though it may feel like others don’t understand, stressing and putting tension on the brain and body isn’t a smart thing to do. Creating a healthy work-life balance can be the difference between good days and bad ones.

Stay hydrated and increase supplement intake– Keeping the body hydrated is key for a focused brain. Increasing your daily water intake at work. Performing work functions indoors with a mask on for an extended period of time can cause dry mouth, so try to always keep a bottle of water on hand. Taking vitamins and supplements are always recommended to live your healthiest life possible. Liquid supplements are also an easy way to get your daily vitamin fill without the hassle of carrying around a million pills!

Find a quiet place to unpack your mind at the end of each day– Whether you take a few more minutes in the shower or run an extra long bath, take time everyday to breathe and reflect on the day and how it mace you feel. Don’t allow the stressors of work to follow you home. Try to leave it all at the door and refresh your brain while at home with your family. Working closely with others who may have mental or physical disabilities often times can weigh on you. Relax! Relate! Release! Lighting a soft scented candle, writing in a journal or even telling someone about your day can make all the difference.

Breathe…Breathe…Breathe– Monitor your breathing. When the body begins to feel it is in fight or flight mode, our breathing can sometimes get heavy and escalated. Be mindful of that. Slow, deep breaths. Finding a quiet space, take a few seconds to inhale through the nose and exhale through pursed lips. Almost like a whistling formation. Trying this a few times a day will help make breathing within a mask easier and help destress the body.

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good– There are so many little things in life that make us smile or make a bad day turn better. During this time, it’s key to make sure you feel good inside and out. Eating good plays a part in feeling good as well. Incorporating new activities or regimens that help you glow on the inside and out are sure to make you feel good and inspired. Focusing on positive things is important during a time where there is so much stress and turmoil in the country, not just where you work.

These are just a few tips on how you can focus on your well-being while still focusing on doing your job as an essential worker. Self-care is an important part of living a healthy life. One should always stop and make time for themselves no matter what’s happening in the world around them. It helps you think clearer, have a positive outlook on oneself despite the opinions of others and it keeps the mind healthy. Healthy Mind= Healthy Body!

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