Mental Health Services

Families who have an individual with intellectual disabilities often experience ongoing stress. Aspects of the family’s life that may be impacted by a family member with autism include family recreation, finances, social relations with friends, relatives, spouses and neighbors, and the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of parents and siblings.

Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment Services

Eprine offers intensive in-home services which provide¬† person-centered, family focused, comprehensive, and coordinated support to assist individuals who need supports at home. The goal is to reduce the use of psychiatric hospitalization and residential placement by offering the support needed to keep families intact. The ultimate goal of the program is family preservation. The target population is for individuals that live at home with natural parents, relatives or a legal guardian, or the family residence of the individual’s permanent or temporary situation. In addition, the individual must demonstrate a clinical necessity arising from a severe condition due to mental, behavioral or emotional illness that results in significant functional impairment in major life activities

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Eprine offers Psychosocial Rehabilitation services which provide structured activities and on-going support and guidance toward meeting an individualized service plan (ISP) which includes independent living skills goals. Individual sessions are offered to address deficits in skills that are preventing the individual from functioning independently in the community as well as family education, as appropriate, to help strengthen communication, interactions and skills. 


What are the goals of Eprine’s Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment Services?

  • Preserve and strengthen family unity and improve the family’s ability to function with greater adaptation to stressors that may occur within the family
  • Prevent out-of-home placement and the significant disruption of the family that accompanies the crisis of removing an individual from the home
  • Bring psychotherapeutic intervention into the home to strengthen the family’s ability to cope with stress
  • Stabilize and improve the functioning of the individual and their family
  • Introduce and mobilize resources for the individual, the family, and the community to address the current difficulties
  • Coordinate external resources necessary to the improve the functioning of the individual/family

What does Psychosocial Rehabilitation facilitate?

  • Training and reinforcement of functional skills and appropriate behavior related to the individual’s health and safety.
  • Increased connection with community resources.
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Employment Skills
  • Money Management
  • Use of community resources
  • Organization and Routine
  • Anger management skills
  • Management of psychiatric symptoms
  • Enhancement of social and interpersonal skills.
  • Increased independent living skills.

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