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The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) continues to affect our everyday lives. We know you have questions, worries, and fears about the current situation and its impact in the future. We want to inform you that whatever challenges you are facing, or you may have in the future, we are always here to promote your health and quality of life.

As we adapt to the changes slowly, you can guarantee that we will always continue to support your well-being and safety. We have prepared safety measures to follow, and we are coordinating with local health authorities to monitor and mitigate the spread of the disease. With your cooperation and support, we know we can move on and overcome these trying times together.

Eprine Hosts a Staff Night

We at Eprine Community Services are excited to announce that our 2023 Staff Night was a wonderful success. Held at Casa Del Mar Restaurant on Webster Ave in the Bronx, employees from offices all across New York showed up looking their best in sharp suits and colorful dresses. Excellent seafood was served. The night was dedicated to celebrate some of Eprine’s beloved, longtime employees without whom we would not be where we are today. 

Chris O’Connor, one of Eprine’s In Take Specialists (seen center stage in the featured image next to CEO Luis Mota), received a recognition award for his five year dedication to Eprine, where his responsibilities include introducing new individuals to the company and helping them process their applications. When asked how he felt to be recognized by his coworkers, he said the moment made him feel “very appreciated but also humble.” 

Community Habilitations and In-Home Respite (COM-HAB) Team Leader David Condelario also attended the event, and had some kind words to say about the evening: “As a supervisor, I find it rewarding to be able to show appreciation to the staff that dedicate their time providing services to people with developmental disabilities and their families.” Condelario’s sentiment is shared throughout the Eprine family.

More reviews will be posted here soon. Please check back next time.

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