Community Support

Studies show that children who experience family stress and instability in the home can suffer from poorer health and cognitive development outcomes. Working closely to address ways to strengthen the family can help set up children for success and benefit families and communities. Our Community Support programs provide services to families that are in crisis and helps them to maintain a stable, nurturing environment for their children through structured family therapy, parenting groups, and other tools that improve their quality of life.

Respite Services

Critical care required by an individual with autism, families identify Respite Services as a basic need, with the need increasing as the individual gets older. Families who report less stress usually are the recipients of formal support services, such as Respite Services. Respite Services for families who have a child with autism helps maintain family stability and may provide opportunities for the child to participate in special activities.

Eprine Respite Services providers meet with each family before beginning services to discuss the routines and established patterns. This helps ensure consistency of services and develops a sense of trust between the family, individual and provider. The need for predictability, structure and routine is an important element when providing Respite Services for individuals with autism.

Senior Support

Senior Support Services provides assistance with the multitude of daily activities that our elderly population requires. Our goal is to provide safety and independence in their own home, or to offer supports for overtaxed family caregivers. After completion an intake assessment, a Plan will be developed specifically for your family that is designed to reduce family concerns and ease the stress often associated with the care of an elderly loved one.

Eprine services for seniors helps elderly aging in place with life activities. These include helping them manage their bills and money, appointment setting, basic household tasks or transportation. Personal supports focus on the day-to-day activities of the senior’s life.


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