Community Support

Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation services   fosters independence, integration, individuality and productivity. Our Program includes provision of family involvement which enhances flexibility and freedom of choice. Individuals participate in adaptive skill development, assistance with activities of daily living (hands-on), community inclusion and relationship building, training and support for independence in travel, transportation, adult educational supports, development of social skills, leisure skills, self-advocacy and informed choice skills and appropriate behavior development to help the individual access their community.


Respite provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver, enabling them to take a much-needed break from the demands of care-giving. Respite can take place in your own home, at day-care or recreational centers.

Adult Companion

Non-medical care, supervision, and socialization provided to an adult. Service may include assistance with meals and basic activities of daily living and/or completion of light housekeeping tasks, which are incidental to the care and supervision of the individual.

Individualized Home Support

This service provides assistance with the acquisition, improvement and/or retention of skills and provides necessary support to achieve personal habilitative outcomes that enhance an individual?s ability to live in their community as specified in the Individual Plan of Care. All services are individualized.

Personal Supports

Provides assistance necessary to meet the individual?s day-to-day activity, daily living needs and reasonably assures adequate support at home and in the community to carry out personal outcomes.These supports provide the individual the opportunity to be prompted to complete tasks.

Senior Support

Senior Support Services provides assistance with the multitude of daily activities that our elderly population requires. Our goal is to provide safety and independence in their own home, or to offer supports for overtaxed family caregivers. After completion an intake assessment, a Plan will be developed specifically for your family that is designed to reduce family concerns and ease the stress often associated with the care of an elderly loved one.

Eprine services for seniors helps elderly aging in place with life activities. These include helping them manage their bills and money, appointment setting, basic household tasks or transportation. Personal supports focus on the day-to-day activities of the senior’s life.

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